Handsome Bill?

When I moved to Tarrytown in 2008 I began friendships with the parents of my son's friends. We became quite social with a lot of people went to a lot of parties and cemented my love for those people and this town of Tarrytown. Within about a year I had been recommended to direct the music for a funeral of a boy that died from disease. It was very painful very intense and I took it on very seriously for obvious reasons. And that experience brought me near to many other people and I’m still friends with. One night at a party one of the guys nicknamed me Handsome Bill and it stuck. At the same time I started playing mandola and guitar and singing with Chris Berardo and The DeBerardos, who independently began calling me Handsome Bill. Now my name is Bill Kelly. My full name is William Leonard Kelly III and that makes my name Bill Kelly a common name in my own family. So when I want to get her URL for a website or when I go to put my name Bill Kelly in for signing up for Facebook or anything like that, there are just so many Bill Kelly‘s out there. It's a real John Smith. One of my favorites is an Elvis impersonator in Kentucky, there’s another Bill Kelly who is a very successful music Production guy in LA I believe he’s a writer. There's Bill Kelly the DJ at WFMU. There’s a juggler named Bill Kelly, there’s a financial guy who is definitely not me. So when it was time for me to come up with a website, the name was staring me in the face. I just had to own it. I’m uncomfortable promoting myself as that because it comes off as such a vain thing but it’s really not. It’s showbiz baby! And I’m in showbiz baby! And I ain't the first to stage name. So there you have it, that’s my story of where the name came from. Plus in my song “In the Event of my Death”, it came in real handy on the last verse. The recording of it is on my to do list.


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